Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Service in Calgary !

Useful Info

To Redeem Voucher:

* Printed copy of Voucher is required before service. (TO REDEEM VOUCHER)


* Technician will call to confirm arrival  30 -45  min prior to the set appointment time.

* Technicians work on time slots of 3 hours and may arrive anytime between them.


Please  remove all furniture and vacuum the carpet that you wish to get cleaned prior to technician's arrival. wait time charges while this is done.
*  All wooden furniture is to be kept off carpets until completely dry; this is to prevent stain transfer to carpets.

* During winter please have your driveway clean for tech to access your house with their equipment.

* If you are unable to move furniture; tech will only clean the heavy traffic areas.

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

*  Remember, (for voucher redemption) any cancellation and/or rescheduling can be done 24  hr prior to your appointment. )
*Rescheduling fee applies; if appointment cancelled less than 24 hr prior.
* Rescheduling may occur due to weather condition in winter time.

Other fees:

*  There is an additional $20 fee for Condo / Apartment with Elevator.

*  $35 applies out side Calgary city limit.

* Additional $20 fee may apply for downtown Area Parking

Terms & Conditions : 

In this agreement between Triumph cleaning Services, and redeeming party, it is to be understood that the cleaning offered with this coupon / Carpet Cleaning service is subject to the following conditions. ​
1) The cleaning will be a basic maintenance cleaning only. This includes one extraction only.  The extraction will only be for the removal of loose soils. 
2) Customer accepts Triumph Carpet cleaning safety policy. Due to operation of equipment at high pressure (200 psi plus), and high temperatures (200 degrees plus), we require an exclusion zone of 10 feet from Operator, Machine and hoses. 
3) Furniture will not be moved by us. It is the customer’s responsibility to move all items they wish cleaned under and must be kept off carpets until completely dry, and that failure to do so will result in permanent stain transfer to carpet.
4)  Carpets are to be properly vacuumed as our equipment is designed for water extraction only. Free access to water and main level toilet (if available) is required for filling and dumping of waste water. 
5) We attempt to use the best of chemicals though they can react with chemicals left by unqualified companies and cause dye sac failure; this will result in color bleed or fade. Triumph Carpet Cleaning Services is not responsible for such failure or damaged caused by do it yourself products.  By agreement Customer acknowledges that damage to carpet may result from unknown and unqualified processes used prior to our cleaning and we accept no liability for such damage.
6) In rare cases you may find “Rolls” in carpet this is due to excessive slack left by the carpet layers and not a function of the cleaning. In most cases carpet will settle back down when dry if not it will require carpet stretching services. 
7) By entering this agreement the customer is considered to be in agreement of the above and is to be considered informed that this is a wet cleaning process and that all associated slip trips and falls are of the customer’s acceptance of liability. 
8) We use a high amperage machine and in rare cases this may cause breakers to trip. Triumph Carpet Cleaning hold no liability for loss and damage electronics on the same circuit(s) as the machine. 
​9) Additional $20 Fee Applies for Condo / Apartment.
Pets need to be kept out side the house or in a separate room. 

I have read and understand all of the above and acknowledge.

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